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Online Learning Offers Some a Second Chance at College

In 2013, I was working around 50 hours a week at a full-time job with a promising career ahead of me. Two years earlier, I had left the University of California—Santa Barbara with about half a degree’s worth of course credit under my belt. But for a number of reasons, I decided to leave and join the workforce.
In my four-year-long career, I was able to advance relatively quickly without needing a bachelor’s degree, but I knew that I was headed toward a ceiling and that a degree would eventually be necessary. Beyond that, I had a personal desire to finish what I had started years earlier, despite the fact that I was not successful during my first attempt.
I did not have the luxury of being able to leave my job to go back to school full time in a traditional environment, and after seeing advances in the prevalence and legitimacy of online education, I knew that would be the best fit for me. Even so, I was very intimidated by the prospect of taking online classes in addition to maintaining an already demanding career path.
Four years after I left UC—Santa Barbara, I started looking into returning to school. I got in contact with a few different colleges that offered online bachelor’s programs and was surprised by the support that academic advisers provided to prospective students.
Fast forward a bit, and I was enrolled in online classes at a local community college. I viewed this as an easier transition back to school, and it made financial sense to complete my general education requirements at a lower per-credit cost compared with four-year universities. Immediately, I saw that online learning was going to be very different from the actual classroom.
Since starting at Oregon State University Ecampus, I have been much more successful this time around at completing a degree. Here are three lessons I learned after returning to school through online education.
1. Not everyone is ready for college at 18 years old. I did very well in high school as a multisport athlete enrolled in many honors and Advanced Placement classes. But when I started college, I was totally unprepared for what being successful at a traditional university would entail. The skills you need to thrive in that environment – time management, accountability and prioritization, to name a few – are not necessarily the same skills you develop in high school.
2. A few years of real-life experience goes a long way. Much of what I learned early in my professional career led me to have a completely different educational experience the second time around. It was incredibly easy to transfer these skills to my coursework. In addition, after having a better idea of the subject matter knowledge and practices that would be useful in my career, I was much more engaged with my classes and had a greater desire to learn. I was able to appreciate the wide variety of classes I took.
3. Don’t give up. You should not give up on something just because it did not work before. Being able to build off of my past experience and turn a discouraging experience into a motivating one has been one of my most valuable achievements. I am not the same person I was when I first arrived at UC—Santa Barbara in 2008, and there is a deep sense of personal accomplishment that comes from finishing what I started.
The takeaway: It may take time, and it may seem insurmountable, but for both your career and yourself, you should give your education another shot through online learning. You might just surprise yourself.


Video: Tragic! School Bus Collides With Semi !

1-copyAt least four people were hurt when a bus and semi-truck crashed in Pasco County on Tuesday.


The accident happened just before 5 p.m. on SR-52 underneath the I-75 overpass in the San Antonio area.
At least three children and one adult were hurt. The children suffered minor injuries, but were not transported. The adult was a driver’s assistant and was transported to a hospital with minor injuries.

There is no word on whether or not the semi truck driver sustained any injuries.

ABC Action News has learned the children are from Watergrass Elementary in Wesley Chapel, according to Linda Cobbe from Pasco County Schools.

Dad Finds Out About Daughter’s Abusive BF, Takes Matters Into Own Hands

1-copyA young woman in Missouri was brutally beaten by her boyfriend, causing her to permanently lose vision in one eye. In response, the woman’s father is said to have offered a $500 reward to anyone that can provide information on the whereabouts of the suspect.Chelsea Simmons, 20, was nearly killed by her boyfriend, Cedric Powe, 27, during an altercation.


“Apparently he choked her until she passed out, brought her back, then choked her again and continually stomped on her head,” said Simmons’ stepmother, Melissa Zack. “She’s scared and she probably will be forever.”Powe, known by friends as Moe, reportedly fled to the south side of St. Louis. Mark Zack, Simmons’ father, offered $500 to anybody that could provide police with information that will help them track down his daughter’s attacker.have to worry about it happening to her ever again,” said Simmons’ stepmother.“He needs to be caught so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else, and I don’t have to worry about it happening to her ever again,” said Simmons’ stepmother.Doctors say that Simmons was just minutes away from certain death, and will likely endure pain from this incident for the rest of her life.

 Powe has a lengthy history of criminal activity, including a 2008 arrest that resulted in a domestic battery charge, along with obstruction of justice, reports WJBD. Powe pleaded guilty to the obstruction of justice charge and was sentenced to one year in prison, but because of his guilty plea, the domestic battery charge was dismissed.
 According to reports, Simmons filed a restraining order against Powe on Dec. 27, but both the families and authorities realize that may not necessarily protect the young woman. Powe has a history of violating an order of protection, including incidents in 2008 and 2009, reports MVN News.

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