4. Don’t Sit Up Straight

This is a common misconception about helping both back pain and posture. Sitting up straight is actually doing more damage than good for your back. Instead, you should be rolling your shoulders back to open up your chest and take deep breaths as you do this to stretch and lengthen your spine.

5. Squeeze Your Glutes When You Walk

Squeezing your glutes as you walk will strengthen your lower back muscles, as well as the glute muscles. This will help to keep you perky through all walks of life. People have been doing this for years and it has worked magnificently.

I have tried these exercises before and they have worked very well. They are easy to do and can be done almost anywhere. Despite the fact that people may look at me while I walk around with tight glutes, all of these exercises have been beneficial to my back problems.

Give these exercises a try and record your results. The best part about these exercises is that they don’t take much to do. Strengthening your back and improving your posture is very important, especially when you get a little bit older and things don’t work the same as they used to.

If you’re looking for more information on how to correct your posture and strengthen you back visit Treehugger.

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