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Research Shows That Eating Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Is Good For The Brain And The Waistline

There is nothing quite like a nice piece of chocolate cake, and most of us have likely been tempted by that piece of cake in the refrigerator first thing in the morning. To be honest, many of us have not only been tempted by the cake but we actually have indulged ourselves.

As it turns out, science is now showing that, not only does chocolate cake have benefits, you have no reason for guilt. The study took place at the Syracuse University in New York. Some 968 people between the ages of 23 and 98 participated. The study followed the dietary habits of the people, and those habits were not changed in order to take part in the study.

According to what they learned, chocolate has a positive effect on cognitive performance and if you eat it regularly, it can improve your memory and abstract thinking. At the Tel Aviv University, another study revealed something rather interesting. When they ate chocolate cake every morning, it helps them to work. They also found that eating cake regularly might just help a person to lose weight. Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz found that the brain needs energy when you wake up immediately.

Your body converts food and energy more efficiently in the morning, so that piece of cake is less likely to end up on the waistline. When you eat chocolate cake later in the day, the body is more likely to save it as fat reserves.


According to the study, it was important to eat chocolate before 9 o’clock in the morning. People who eat protein, carbohydrates and a 600 cal dessert tend to lose more weight than those who ate a 300 cal breakfast at a later time.

Why is chocolate so beneficial to the health? One of the reasons is because it contains flavonoids that are found in plant-based foods. They are available in high quantities in the cocoa beans. Incidentally, you will also find flavonoids in red wine. Coincidence? I think not!

When you get right down to it, there may be no reason to avoid that chocolate cake for breakfast. Life is too short to stress over those small things anyway.

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Baked Avocado Eggs 4 Ways

These Baked Avocado Eggs Are Literally The Most Perfect Breakfast Ever
Which topping would you choose?
Baked Avocado Eggs 4 Ways
Here’s a video showing you how to make them:
2 avocados
4 eggs
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste
Topping options:
Bacon bits
Cherry tomatoes, quartered
Basil, chopped
Cheddar cheese, shredded
Chives, chopped
1. Preheat oven to 400°F/200°C.
2. Slice the avocados in half and remove the pits.
3. Place the avocado halves on a baking sheet and scoop out some of the flesh to make a bigger hole.
4. Crack one egg into each hole and season with salt and pepper.
5. Top with toppings of choice and bake for 15 minutes or until yolk reaches desired consistency.
6. Sprinkle with fresh herbs and enjoy!

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