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Giant Family Of 181 Live Under One Roof, But People Are Shocked When They See Their House

A seventy-something man named Ziona is known for holding the world record as head of the “world’s largest existing family,” with 39 wives, 94 children and 14 daughter-in-laws and over 40 grandchildren.

Ziona and his gargantuan brood lives in Baktawng Village in India’s northeast state of Mizoram.

The so-called “Ziona Mansion,” which holds all 181 members of the family, is a giant purple concrete structure with four stories and more than 100 rooms.

According to Wikipedia, “Ziona’s family is self-reliant, growing crops for their food requirements. He has also established a school for his children, and his younger brother looks after its functioning. He does not seek any assistance from the government.”

Women of the family do the cooking and cleaning, while the men of the family handle livestock rearing, agriculture and carpentry. Daily routines are organized with precision and discipline, with the oldest wife organizing the chore schedules. Dinner can see them plucking 30 chickens, peeling 132 pounds of potatoes and boiling up to 220 pounds of rice!

Ziona considers himself very lucky for having so many wives and children, as it’s been reported that he genuinely enjoys looking after people. One of his sons says his father marries the poor women of the village so he can look after and provide for them.

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Here’s Why You Should Never, Ever Squish A Centipede In Your House

Look, it goes against all reason and instinct, but you should really never squish a centipede.

Even if you’re in the bathroom at 2 a.m. and one comes scuttling out to the drain, you should try to resist the urge.

It’s challenging, because there are few crawlies as creepy as a squirmy, fast-moving centipede.

Even those of us who are immune to the creep factor of spiders, ants, and roaches might get the shivers when confronted with all those segmented legs.

The yuck factor gets even higher when you consider their favorite hangout spots. These guys like to hang out in cool damp place, and might even take up residence in your toilet if you aren’t careful.

You have our blessing to remove these guys from the commode, but if you get the urge to stomp, resist.

The reason why is simple: you should never squish a centipede because it might be the only thing standing between you and a bathroom literally crawling with other gross creatures.


Video: Yea just unload it in front of the gas station…


Least he kept it in the ditch and not all over the road. Maybe he counteracted to avoid running into the gas station. Video short and shows him unloading only.

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